Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) Section 245(i) of 1994

This Amnesty Bill was enacted in 1994. A portion of the bill referred to as Section 245(i) created a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. They could become legal residents (and get a Green Card) without having to leave the United States and wait in line. Some illegal aliens had to pay an additional fee or fine to receive the Green Card. This temporary Amnesty Bill was set to expire in November 1997, but was extended in later bills. Section 245(i) covered two kinds of illegal aliens. Those that entered the country illegally and also those that entered legally - but then violated their visa. The 1994 Immigration and Nationality Act - Section 245(i) was quite controversial and it sparked heated debates. Supporters said this Amnesty Bill enabled immigrants, living in the United States, a way to remain with their families while they went thru the process of becoming legal residents. Opponents said this Amnesty Bill encouraged illegal immigration and rewarded illegal aliens that broke the law.